Video Recap: The Red Bull Uncorked Project

The Red Bull Uncorked project featuring Mark McMorris, Craig McMorris, Yuki Kadono, Scotty James, Tyler Nicholson and Mikey Ciccarelli. This was by far the biggest the project that this mountain has ever seen in the snowboarding realm and unique in every sense of the word.  

With months of planing and weeks of building, from working with the athletes, and the back and forths on feature design for this project,  this is the end result. Please enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Big shoutout to Shaw Butterworth and his team of groomers for pushing all the snow the in the small hours of the night. Big Shoutout to Mikee French and his crew for shaping the biggest project yet at Grouse Mountain.


X Games Real Snow 2017

X Games Real Snow is an all urban video contest for those of you who don't know. Riders get 90 seconds to show the judges what they got. Judged by JP Walker, Eddie Wall, Jeremy Jones, and filmer Cole Taylor, all of whom are legends in the snowbboarding world. Head over to the official  X Games 2017 site to vote for your favourite and help someone claim the fan favourite award.

 - Edwin ( @aneddyimage )

Red Bull Uncorked: CBC Sports Feature

CBC Sports has just released a feature on the Red Bull Uncorked event that was hosted at Grouse Mountain a few weeks ago.  The video shows the hard work put in to the course by our crew, and features all the riders that were up talking about their experiences.  Check out the entire feature after the jump!

Canadian snowboarders Mark McMorris, Seb Toutant, Tyler Nicholson and Mikey Ciccarelli live their dream on a slopestyle course build by RedBull just for them at Grouse Mountain, B.C.

They’re joined by pro snowboarder Craig McMorris and Olympic soccer player Karina LeBlanc, too, for a solid discussion about the future of their sport. (Guest appearance by snowboarding legend Devun Walsh.)

More to come soon, so stay tuned!


Peaking: Mark McMorris Mini Documentary

We were fortunate enough to have Mark up Grouse recently for Redbull UnCorked. It was awesome to chat with him and see how down to earth and humble he is in person. He just won the US Open days after chilling at Grouse Parks and looks to be back at the top of his game. I wanted to share a mini documentary he released a couple days ago on RedBullTV that shows some insight about how he came back from his broken femur last year. 

- Edwin