Grouse Park Shark: Ryan Johnston

Name: Ryan Johnston

Age: 18

Hometown: My home town is Stourbridge, England, but i have been living here in Vancouver pretty much my whole life.

Board: I have been riding Yes Snowboards The Greats for like the past 3 years. I have also been trying different boards throughout the year but always come back to the Yes board.

Ryan and his girl Monica

Favourite rider: My fave rider would have to be Halldor Helgason just because of his style and how different he is from all the other riders.

Years riding: This is my tenth year riding, and the past four years have been in the park.

Any competitions this year? So far I've only done two competitions, and there are a lot more that I plan on going to.

Favourite song to ride with: That is a pretty hard question... there is too many to name but if I would have to pick the main one that I listen to of all of them i would have to be All That I Know by-OCD Moosh & Twist FT-Hoodie Allen.

Off-season activities: My Main off-season activities is Skateboarding, Lacrosse, Photography and Gaming.

Favourite trick: I have been changing my fave trick so many times lately, but my most favourite trick is a Fs 360-Tuck Knee.


Why Grouse Park? The reason why I come back to Grouse Mountain every year is because it’s like a second home to me and I don't have to worry about riding by myself because there is always a friend riding around the mountain. The park crew are awesome people to ride with when they are not busy maintaining the park and doing such a good job hosting the park jams. They are always putting together an amazing set up to ride even in the worst conditions.



Grouse Park Shark: Ed Mikulcik

Park Sharken with Ed Mikulcik

I ran into Ed riding on a Sunday afternoon during that last sunny stretch. The park was in great shape and the snow was soft. Ed was bringing his critical steeze to the big Street Rail and the Gate Rail. Check out photos and bio of the Grouse Park Shark.

Name: Eduard Mikulcik

Age: 19

Hometown: Richmond B.C.

Skis: Coreupt Candide Yard

Boot: Rossignol Scratch

Binding: Look Pivot 14

Favourite Pro Riders: The Traveling Circus, Ian Compton, Andy Parry and Will Wesson
Who is in you Grouse Park crew? Anybody whose down to shred some laps or hike the park

Favourite tunes to shred to: Metal.. Anything along the lines of Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Motorhead \m/

Warm up tricks? Front swaps and 2 sevs out 

Tricks you want to learn this year? 270s on to down rails would be off the hook!

Why Grouse Park? Cuz everyone knows that grouse has the best park and a killer view!

Grouse Park Shark: Stefan Alvarez

The level of riding has been rising at Grouse Park over the past few years. It's easy to look around and see groups of rulers ripping it regularly. This year we will be featuring some of these Grouse Park sharks on the blog. This post features Stefan Alvarez.

Flying Taco

Name: Stefan Alvarez a.k.a Taco
Age: 20
Hometown: Delta BC
Board: Dinosaurs Will Die MaetxZeachman
Boot: DC
Binding: Burton Customs
Favourite Pro Riders: Sean Genovese SHOUTOUT
Who is in you Grouse Park crew? ALL THE HOMIES
Favourite tunes to shred to: Where is the Bud- 36 mafia on repeat's all you need.
Warm up tricks? Front boards
Tricks you want to learn this year? Switch errythang
Why Grouse Park? I ride Seymour and Grouse. Grouse is kinda close to home and their park is tight!

Method Gap to Lip.

I saw Stefan up at the Grouse Park the first couple weeks that it was open. He was taking the double kink rail apart with these huge Methods gapping to Lipslide.

The Cut Park is up now and looking fresshhh. Follow up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more from Grouse Park.