Peaking: Mark McMorris Mini Documentary

We were fortunate enough to have Mark up Grouse recently for Redbull UnCorked. It was awesome to chat with him and see how down to earth and humble he is in person. He just won the US Open days after chilling at Grouse Parks and looks to be back at the top of his game. I wanted to share a mini documentary he released a couple days ago on RedBullTV that shows some insight about how he came back from his broken femur last year. 

- Edwin

Red Bull Uncorked: Public Shoot

Without a doubt you've been seeing photos streaming through of the Red Bull Uncorked event that went down at Grouse a couple weeks ago.  Once the big guns had wrapped up and gone their separate ways, the parks crew opened up the course to local hitters this past Monday.   It was rad to see some of the usual suspects up putting on a show on this world class course.  One of our favourite photographers, Ilanna Barkusky, was on hand and got a couple of shots of some riders hitting the Baker's Dozen feature.  She's not sure who the riders are, so if you know, please comment below and let us know!

Stay tuned for more from our boy Edwin from the event.


Downtown Beach Snow Day

We were lucky enough to have some snow fall in downtown Vancouver a few weeks ago. Rob Morrison and I wasted no time to setup a rail in English Bay that we have been eyeing for a while.  Who said beach days are just for the summer?  With more snow scheduled for the weekend, we may get a few more days in the city.

- Edwin ( @aneddyimage )