Our Process Pt. 1: Park Crew

Park crew, park staff, the park boys, the boys and park crew people, its all the same no matter what mountain you ride at. From Grouse Park in beautiful British Columbia to Snow Park on the tiny island floating on the South Pacific - New Zealand. We all share the same passion; the winter season, riding, the lifestyle that follows it and most importantly building park. You may already think that the park crew does nothing on clear sunny days expect lap the chair, shoot the sh*t and do the occasional spork lap. It's a common misconception widely shared and I believe that many would agree. I hope to break that point of view and show you some behind-the-scenes from Grouse Park. Everything from daily maintenance, to properly setting up a single feature, to the step-by-step process of designing a feature. Here is a taste of what's been going on. Our process. 

Half welded and semi ground to perfection.

Rob is the man, brain and fabricator of features in Grouse Parks.

Puck board for days, just a reminder that all features from boxes to bonk are made, tried and tested by park crew at Grouse.

Park Crew lead hand Liam Mullaly is not afraid to get this hands dirty and killed it preparing in the preseason.

Oxygen and Acetylene.

- Marcus