Snowboard Canada X Grouse Park Collab

In the late Spring of last season Marcus and the Grouse Park crew set up a week long private shoot for the Snowboard Canada movie project RELAX. Two different feature zones were set up. The first was a three jump Rhythm Section and jib section on The Cut. The second was a monster Hip Gap on the Peak run.

The film crew filmed over several days and some of the riders included; Chris Rasman, Trevan Salmon, Jody Wachniack, Kevin Griffin, Adam Chuntz, Beau Bishop, Wiley Tesseo, Nick Heringa, Shayan, Leanne Pelosi, and Robin Van Gyn, Building a good rhythm section is really hard to build and some of the Superpark veterans in the crew commented that it was the best they had ever ridden. Snowboard Canada has just released this edit from the shoot. Enjoy!

I managed to come up and poach the rhythm section shoot day. It was one of the funnest days of Spring riding I've ever had.

- Myrosha