The Source drops Oil Country Ep. 1

Snowboarding in Alberta is pretty good and so are it's snowboarders.

It's cold in Alberta and so most of the time they have snow in Edmonton and Calgary.  Both cities have a lot of hills and river valleys - and therefore stairs and handrails. The province also has the rocky mountains in the west. A lot of good shred talent has come from this area, like Dustin Craven and the Andrew Hardingham.

Dwayne Wiebe with a Tail Grab in the bowl.

The first episode of a web series from the boys in Alberta just dropped fittingly titled Oil Country. Presented by The Source snowboard shop, the edit features veterans Dwayne Wiebe, Ryan Hall, young guns Tanner Davidson, Steve O Callen, Jordan Phillips, and Guillaue Fortin, and the animal, Kael Hill. Check it out here...

I really dig it the edit for a few reasons. The first is the riding. These guys are picking unique features and innovating tricks. Check out the 'close out' rail session at 2:30 and the big 'double kink' at 2:56. Combine that with quality filming, courtesy of Dancing Sasquatch, and you get a good edit. The second is it is real shred content from Alberta. Alberta riders, Alberta spots. The shots don't look like anything from Quebec, or Salt Lake. Lastly these guys are true to their roots choosing The Rural Alberta Advantage for the track rather than the latest Top 40 Hip Hop Dub Step mashup. Respect.

- Myrosha