Deep Winter Winner: Russell Dalby

Over the past 10 years Russell Dalby has worked hard and secured his spot as one of Canada's top snowboarding photographers. Now he can add Deep Winter Winner to his list of photography successes.

The Deep Winter Photo Challenge is an annual professional photographer competition that takes place over a three day period (January 12th to January 14th this year). Each photographer is required to prepare a 3 - 5 minute slideshow with photos taken over the three days, on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. This years Deep Winter competitors were; Reuben Krabbe, Russell Dalby, Mike Helfrich, Nic Alegre, Chris Christie, and Andrew Strain.

This year Dalby worked with Whistler local rock star ski talent Dan Treadway to produce his slideshow. In the show Dalby tells an awesome story. He reflects the shapes of the mountain in scenics and action with images of a guitar, while connecting us to the soundtrack. Dalby takes you on a photographic ride through a day of riding Whistler terrain, making you want to head home, wax your gear and go to bed early to try and re live that story tomorrow. Here is Russell's winning entry.

Thank you Dalby.

- Myrosha