A Walk in the Grouse Park with Beau Bishop

Fresh from the Know Show ender party at Fortune Sound Club, Beau Bishop joins me for a 'Walk in the Grouse Park'.

I had seen the new jumps shaping up on The Cut, and saw the weather forecast lining up for the weekend with sun and warm temps. Beau Bishop was in Vancouver for the Know Show and we made plans to send airs on the new jump line. On Friday night Beau went to Fortune Sound Club looking to get fortunate. When I hit him the next morning to go on the shred, he had to pull himself together a bit.

He ended up having to get rental boots and rode in the same jeans he was probably grinding on the dance floor the night before. But he employed a rule that I like to think he learned under me - Anything goes the night before, but always show up for snowboarding.

I met Beau about seven years ago while I was working with Ride Snowboards in BC. This ginger kid was recommended by my bros at Gnar Core, David Rouleau and Gerhard Gross, as an up and coming rider. I checked his 'sponsor me' reel and photos and thought he was alright. I put him on the team. The ginger accelerated fast. He pushed himself and beat out 80 or so riders to land on the podium in one of the most competitive fields in snowboarding, the qualifiers at the Shake Down. He has been on a tear ever since.

Beau Knows Boarding - Cab 5 Nose grab. Photo: Myrosha Daley

Two years ago Beau was filming for the new Sandbox movie and had an accident. A pretty fu@&en crazy accident. He shorted the Hurley Road Gap and messed himself up pretty good. It was crazy.

We weren't sure that he would walk right again... and never thought he would snowboard the same way again.

It was messed up to see this talented kid who had been working so hard just... wham! He was just stopped. But Beau came back. See the video below for the full story (including the accident, may not be suitable for some viewers).

I think that day a couple weeks ago at Grouse Park was the first time I have ridden with him since the accident. It was a super fun day. He got me stoked to send the jump line and link some tricks. He pushed me. Up until that weekend we had hung out in Toronto while he was recovering. He was asking me about going to school and thinking about a new path in life, thinking that he might not get another shot at snowboarding. But he was still working towards riding again, doing as much physiotherapy and rehab possible. It was really apparent to me, while riding up Grouse, that Beau has only one thing on his mind now, and that is snowboarding.  Beau is definitely back.

Beau is definitely back! Front 7 Melon. Photo: Myrosha Daley

Beau rides for Ride, Dragon, Westbeach, and Vestal. He rides park, jibs urban, and spends lots of days on his snowmobile in the Whistler backcountry. He can be found in the pages of Snowboard Canada pretty regularly, and in video online.

- Myrosha