Behind the Scenes: Snowboard Canada RELAX @ Grouse Park

I was recently clearing off some of my SD cards and was stoked to find these shots.

This gallery is from a day late last spring while Snowboard Canada was shooting for RELAX.  The weather co operated and Marcus' team pulled together a banger rhythm section. I saw a few of my bros post pictures from the day before and I began sending texts off to everyone I knew at SBC and Grouse Mountain, who might be able to get me up there. And it worked. The next day I put on some jeans, a tank, some screen and shades, grabbed my board and headed up to Grouse. I heard that the day after, the spot was blown up. Jesse Fox at SBC was getting lit up with calls from everyone with a stick and bindings who wanted to ride the jump line.

Lucas Ouellette is probably one of the raddest dudes around. This UFD proves it.

When I arrived the session was under way and the vibe was stoked. I took a few images and then dropped in and rode the line for a few hours. Kevin Griffin was putting together the smooth lines while Nate Laverty filmed. Also on the scene was North Shore legend Jeff Keenan filming Robin Van Gyn and Leanne Pelosi for IntervalsLucas was dropping some mean backflips. So was Logan 'L Sho' Short. Heringa was boosting the rhythm section one footed and someone had given Shayan the keys to the snowmobile. Sh@# was cray!

The L Show fo sho.

A thing of beauty.

Thanks for watching.

- Myrosha