Our Process Pt 2: The Jump Line

In this second part of "Our Process", we look at the Cut Jump Line.

Shaped to perfection. Photo: Myrosha Daley

2 jumps getting some loving from Liam Mullaly (Park Crew Lead Hand) and Daniel Ripper (Old Balls). Photo: Myrosha Daley

For those that are not familiar with the Cut Jump Line, it's located skiers left on The Cut run. To break it down, this season we lucked out big time with the weather. In past seasons we've always built the Jump Line in the worst building conditions imaginable  - rain, wind and intense fog. Not to mention the snow conditions that follow that type of weather. It seems that the yearly weather trend for January is  a wet one and the Gortex in our jackets takes a beating. This January on the other hand has been quite pleasant for building; nice, beautiful inversions with clear skies and hard packed snow conditions at night. This allowed for effortless climbing in the Bison snow cat and the best visibility that you could wish for when building anything in a terrain park, especially a jump line. Veteran park groomer/builder Shaw Butterworth put in about 4 full nights of pillaging The Cut in order to get those decks looking extra crisp. He put in 2 nights of pushing the takeoffs until the math (worked in our favor. Shaw has been building the dream since we decided to open the jump line back in 2010-11 season, and is one of the founders of the jump line from when it was just an idea. He has put his heart and endless night shifts in to make this jump line possible. So if you ever run into Shaw out here don't be shy give him a pound, high-five, hug or a beer(s) for all the hard work. 

Eamon Fisher showing the world how its done with  ASP sporks! Photo: Myrosha Daley

We  ended up opening the jump line on Saturday January 19th, 2013 and had about a full week of epic laps. Such a good start to a good thing, not mention the season that the north shore has seen already. this year. We hope to see you all up here in the near future enjoying the fruits of our labor. Here are some shots of from that first weekend on the Cut Jump Line.

Multiple Park Crew People + SPT tools + sunshine + Whistler Water = gettin some. Photo: Myrosha Daley

The flying Frenchman... He's not actually French, he's Scotish. Micheal French (PCP) throwing down a buttery a$& Frontside 7.

North Shore hero, and high school heart breaker, Zac Dolesky. Saying 'wassup' to the suckers in the valley with a big Backside 3.

Micheal French is that guy in the sky, almost bird like. Big ol' Backside 5.

- Marcus