Industry Insider: Taylor Ricci Sales/Marketing & Team Manager @ Ride Snowboards

It’s inevitable; one day you will have to get a job. It’s a sad fact, but everybody does. Unless you are going to develop the next Angry Birds App or inherit a cool 2.1 million from gramps who owns 7 Toyota dealerships, and is about to kick it, you will need a job. Your job doesn’t have to suck though, Taylor Ricci’s doesn’t.

What’s your name, age and where are you from?

TR: Taylor Ricci from Toronto, Ontario and I’m 20 something.

 What do you do and who do you work for?

TR: I’m the Sales and Marketing Manager at Ride Snowboards in Canada.

Are you the Team Manager too?

TR: Yep, I manage all the national riders too.

Who is on the Canadian team for Ride Snowboards?

TR: Andrew Hardingham, Tyler Ashby, Beau Bishop, Sarah Conrad, and Maxence Parrot.

Wicked awesome personified. Andrew Hardingham.

What else do you do at your job?

TR: I do everything from advertising and promotions, contest, organizing activations in every province. Working with the sales reps and snowboard shops to make sure we are getting orders. Working to make sure we are are in the best snowboard shops.

Right. So what about the team? What are some of the roles the team riders play? Like what is Sarah Conrad and Andrew Hardingham all about?

TR: Sarah is a two time halfpipe olympian for Canada who focuses on competition and has followers of the competition side and mass media of snowboarding. Hardingham focuses on unique lines and big back country riding that the more grassroots and core snowboarders follow.

How long have you been working for Ride Snowboards?

TR: I’ve been doing my job for five years.

Before you were the Marketing Manager, what did you do?

TR: I started working for the Rep in Ontario as the on snow demo guy. Then I worked with him in his office as a Sub Rep and grew from there.

What are some of the best parts of your job?

TR: I get to work with stuff that I love. I work in a job that is genuinely fun, and get to go snowboarding in places that I probably would never have been able to go snowboarding. I get to meet and work with good people that are into what I’m into. There is a lot of hard work involved, but the end result is seeing people having fun on your boards. And just having fun.

What is something about your job that you hate?

TR: I still have to log a lot of endless office days. And there is more work to do than time to do it. But I just put my head down to get through it all, and suck it up.

How long have you been snowboarding?

TR: I don’t know? Over ten years?

What board, boot, and binding do you ride? What about outerwear?

TR: Right now I am on a Machete GT, Rodeo bindings, and Triad boots. I have the Cappel Calling pant and a Cappel Riot jacket. Two of my favs.

What’s hype from Ride Snowboards this season?

TR: The new board, the Machete GT is sick, evolving from the Machete, it has the Hybrid Low Rise rocker, and new POP Walls which put carbon fiber stringers in the Slimewalls. It is a fun board. If you get a chance to try one you should!

DCP or LNP? Park or Pow?

TR: Pow any day over park. LNP is sick but DCP is way awesome.

Did you know you have a the same initials as 'the man' Travis Rice?

TR: We do share the same initials but I doubt I'll make a career in snowboarding.

The moral of this story is... get a job.

- Myrosha