Park Stoke!

With the snow falling and the new Grouse Park rebuild underway I thought I would take this opportunity to share a couple videos from over the years that gets me stoked to ride. Hopefully some of these clips get you pumped to do some park laps.

Anthony Boronowski in X=10  - Vancouver local and one of my favorites, its hard to tell which way Anthony naturally spins in this part as he shows his diversity in tricks. He is unique in his skiing style and I find it really sick to watch. There are also a couple Seymour backcountry shots that you might recognize. This is just an all around sick part to watch before hitting jumps.

Enhanced Media - Fashion Show - An older ski video I still am stoked to watch. Including a lot of shots from Whistler and the BC Interior, as well as a sick part by Tom who rides Grouse Park. Last part in the movie "Jibopoly" (on the same vimeo page) is also one of my all time favorites. Good vibrations from this movie.

I hope these videos gets you stoked for riding park this January! Stay tuned for photo/video updates of the features in the Grouse Park!