More Park Stoke!

With the sun shining and the park looking epic, here are a couple videos for the skiers and snowboarders to get stoked on. The jump in the Quiksilver Park is nice and fun for learning new tricks. The Cut Jump Line is on it's way for the weekend and weather is looking good! See you up there.

Armada - The Beginning - This clip follows Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon through Mammoth mountain and shows some unreal jump rotations. It is undeniable the talent these guys have in the park.

Jake Kuzyk Goes Pro - Jake rules. All of his rail tricks are so on point. He is one of my favorites to watch slide rails and now he is officially pro! Check out the 'welcome' video.

I hope these videos gets you stoked for riding park this January! Stay tuned for photo & video updates of the features in the Grouse Park!

- Matthew