Grouse Park Shark: Stefan Alvarez

The level of riding has been rising at Grouse Park over the past few years. It's easy to look around and see groups of rulers ripping it regularly. This year we will be featuring some of these Grouse Park sharks on the blog. This post features Stefan Alvarez.

Flying Taco

Name: Stefan Alvarez a.k.a Taco
Age: 20
Hometown: Delta BC
Board: Dinosaurs Will Die MaetxZeachman
Boot: DC
Binding: Burton Customs
Favourite Pro Riders: Sean Genovese SHOUTOUT
Who is in you Grouse Park crew? ALL THE HOMIES
Favourite tunes to shred to: Where is the Bud- 36 mafia on repeat's all you need.
Warm up tricks? Front boards
Tricks you want to learn this year? Switch errythang
Why Grouse Park? I ride Seymour and Grouse. Grouse is kinda close to home and their park is tight!

Method Gap to Lip.

I saw Stefan up at the Grouse Park the first couple weeks that it was open. He was taking the double kink rail apart with these huge Methods gapping to Lipslide.

The Cut Park is up now and looking fresshhh. Follow up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more from Grouse Park.