Grouse Park Shark: Ryan Johnston

Name: Ryan Johnston

Age: 18

Hometown: My home town is Stourbridge, England, but i have been living here in Vancouver pretty much my whole life.

Board: I have been riding Yes Snowboards The Greats for like the past 3 years. I have also been trying different boards throughout the year but always come back to the Yes board.

Ryan and his girl Monica

Favourite rider: My fave rider would have to be Halldor Helgason just because of his style and how different he is from all the other riders.

Years riding: This is my tenth year riding, and the past four years have been in the park.

Any competitions this year? So far I've only done two competitions, and there are a lot more that I plan on going to.

Favourite song to ride with: That is a pretty hard question... there is too many to name but if I would have to pick the main one that I listen to of all of them i would have to be All That I Know by-OCD Moosh & Twist FT-Hoodie Allen.

Off-season activities: My Main off-season activities is Skateboarding, Lacrosse, Photography and Gaming.

Favourite trick: I have been changing my fave trick so many times lately, but my most favourite trick is a Fs 360-Tuck Knee.


Why Grouse Park? The reason why I come back to Grouse Mountain every year is because it’s like a second home to me and I don't have to worry about riding by myself because there is always a friend riding around the mountain. The park crew are awesome people to ride with when they are not busy maintaining the park and doing such a good job hosting the park jams. They are always putting together an amazing set up to ride even in the worst conditions.