Just another Tuesday

When the fog lifts and the sun breaks through and opportunity arises, these boys hold nothing back.  Dan Jonas , Micheal Hoy and Sam Masih came up for some easy laps in the parks, this what they got out of it. Not to shabby. All photos by Andrew Bibby.

Before heading up the tram, Bibby had a very brief bond with new a friend.

Sam is busy man these days but still has time to hot lap the park. Frontside boardslide.

I was wating for somone to do this and shoot it. Casey Jones Agency's own Dan Jonas beat me to the chase. Big dirty fish.

Hoy in the Sky! This guy rips, no googles, no toque and no cares. Huge front three by Micheal Hoy.

And another Micheal Hoy Backside three over the city.

Proile perfect picture. Sam Masih

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