What's in your Bag?: Matthew Waring

Nikon D90 - The D90 is not a current model, but it is a favourite of many pro photographers and gets does the job done for me. I also film video with it because of the frame rate it offers, lens options, and the body size make it easy to get quality snow images..

10.5mm Fisheye: The go to follow-cam park-lap lens. So wide it makes it easy to keep the rider in the frame and any filmer will get the shot. Great lens.

18-105mm: This is the all purpose lens - the most versatile in my pack. From long lens jump shots, to wide angle rail shots, it does it all. This lens is by far one of the most used lens in my pack. It's something I always bring with me whenever I'm shooting


180mm 2.5 - This is an older lens I have with an adapter. It's a nice long lens with soft colors that gives it a unique look. Since it goes to 2.5 you can get a nice range of depth from far away, effectively adding much more foreground information - a different perspective. Great for most everything.

50mm 1.8 : The shallow depth of field this , very lightweight, lens produces makes it a great choice for making people stand out. This lens is perfect for night shots where there is not a whole lot of light available. Arguably the most affordable and useable lens available to pick up.

Hassleblad 500cm: This is another main tool in my bag. Although its not used much for the Grouse Blog, it is used as much as my digital camera. Film and Digital are two very different things and I like the feeling of permanence film brings to photography.

That is a quick run down of what I lug around in my pack!