King Snow Editor's Choice for 2014 Snowboard Product

We were in SIA in Denver, CO last week, doing business… only business. The SIA show is one of the first places you can preview the new product lines for 2014. If you're not interested in new snowboard gear, you're lying. Everybody loves new gear. It's the greatest! We cruised around all the booths and met with many brands to preview their new looks. Here are a handful of items we chose as the money makers. Keep it mind this is just our personal opinion, but it's a fact that we have very fine taste, and these are very nice things we can all look forward to.

-Eric Greene

Go Berzerk!

Jake Blauvelt's Berzerker from Ride Snowboards
You've seen him ride. You can't deny. The kid can fly. And it's all because of this board. It's stiff, aggressive, and fast. Very fast. If you like to ride all kinds of terrain and want to charge like Jake, get your feet on this thing.

Outdoor Living from CAPiTA
Ahh, the great outdoors - Not that crappy movie with Dan Aykroyd and John Candy (RIP). This is camp vibes at its finest. There's no doubt that the folks at CAPiTA make fine hand-crafted snowboards, but this things look extra awesome.

There are many, many headwear lines in the industry these days, but the Pacific Northwest crew at Coal have the hat game dialled. Tight hats, proper toques (beanies), neck tubes, and clean branding. Check out their new line and keep your eyes pealed for the upcoming Coal X King Snow collab.

SPY X Airhole Facemasks
Goggles, you dummy. Facemasks, you idiot. Get 'em both with one purchase. Along with the recent release of the "Happy Lens", SPY has some great-looking new frames coming out and Airhole teamed up on a matching mask. They come together in the exact same box your iPhone came in, only in red.

The Boss from Bataleon
Bataleon boards are tested true. We love 'em, and this year they've got a new model called "The Boss." Not "bawse" - "Boss." It's a ride-everything board with awesome graphics. Pick one up this fall and be your own bawse.

ABS Patrol backpack from The North Face
Airbag backpacks not only save lives in avalanches, they're wicked fun to pop off when you're inside with your friends. These babies have come way down in price this year and more people and brands are getting onboard with this concept of safe being cool. Do it.

It's Kwicker.

The Kwicker splitboard system from K2
Yes, K2 made The Clicker years ago and it was lame, but this is The Kwicker step-in binding system for splitboarding and it makes complete sense. You get everything you need to go splitboarding as one package that is user friendly and simple. Get on board with the splitboard movement.

Bakoda is back and they have re-launched the brand out of Vancouver. They still have that screwdriver that doubles as a pipe, and now you can buy it and support local. They're new, they're old, they're the same… Bakoda.

Dinosaurs Will Die
Speaking of supporting local, Dinos showed up with a larger booth and extended board line this year. They're growing towards domination and keeping it core at the same time. The boards look great with a lot of variety and their vibe is pure for the love of the board.

Filson X Burton
We've been waiting for these cool cats to get together! This is another collab worth checking out… one for the true lover of outdoors. It's rustic, manly, fashionable, and functional. Decent in so many ways. You know both of these brands well, so it's safe to trust their product.

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