Salmon Arms - A North Van Breed

I picked up my first pair of Salmon Arms recently.

To say the least, the gloves are nothing short of sick. I picked up a pair of the 'D.O.P.E' edition gloves, one of the four available styles available. These gloves are a standard design made from high quality local materials, and completely murdered out. I'm a big fan of simple looking snowboard products whether it's a jacket, pants, goggles etc. 

For those of you that don't  know Nic Heringa, or haven't  had to chance to meet him, go up and say 'hi' to him because he's one of the friendliest dudes out there. Currently riding for DWD, IS design and Coastal Riders, Nic shreds hard! I met Nic about nine years ago in the Grouse Park and even back then Nic had some of the best fluid and unique style on the locals,  just like local heroes Grantley and Graeme Samodien (legends). We bump into each other at Grouse where he always coaching for the North Shore Snowboard Team.

Nic, aka Cork, recently started up the Salmon Arms glove brand. I thought it'd be DOPE to write a little something on the blog about this local spawning company. Check it out and enjoy!

MC: Is Salmon Arms your company?

 If so what enticed you to start a glove/accessory company?


Cork: Salmon Arms is a little project  Ihave been working towards the past few seasons. After 16 years of snowboarding being a huge part of my life, I decided it would be fun to try something new and come out with my own line of boarding products. It took months and months of R and D, trial, error and some major headaches but I eventually came out with a functional product. Snow gloves designed, tested and manufactured in Vancouver.  I've been very fortunate with receiving amazing feedback and direction through a lot of my friends who share the same passion for snowboarding  

MC: Next question, who is on the team?

Cork: As far as a team, so far it's a loose group comprised of some of my favorite local snowboarders; Jeff Keenan , Alex Stathis , Layne Treeter, Dmo, Andrew Geeves, Logan Short, Keenan Filmer, Cody Wilson a few others and hopefully more to come!

MC: The hype with these arms is crazy, the kids love it. Where do you want to see Salmon Arms in the next couple of seasons?

Cork:  Ultimately over the next few winters, I would like to see it expand into something that people can support, and can also use as and outlet to their own creativity and ideas. I want to make a product people can feel like they are a part of and have some influence over its future


A one foot clinic by Heringa.

MC: Are you stoked?

Cork: The response has been great so far and for that I am both stoked and thankful.

MC: Is there a website coming? Any plans on using social media as a platform to create brand awareness?

Cork: As i am pretty new to all of this and am only one person I plan on focusing on moving forward within my own means, and learning along the way. Social media has played a huge part in getting the word out there and has been really fun for me posting my progress along the way. My buddy Andrew Starchuck is a computer whiz. He built me a cool looking website this past week which will be spawning soon.

MC: Thanks for the words man and good luck with everything!

Cork: Thank you!

There you have it folks from the man himself. If you haven't already, go cop a pair of Salmon Arms they're DOPE! and support your local scene. It's very important. Don't forget to follow @salmonarms & @grousepark on Instagram.