The Final Showdown or the Last Jam

If you offer free hot dogs they will come.

You win some, you lose some.

Grouse Park held the last Park Jam of the season this past weekend. The park was in prime shape with fresh features and the riders brought the tricks that they had been saving up all season. Conditions were just about perfect with an early batch of spring sunshine. The sessions tarted at 5pm and the it all wrapped around 7pm. 

The jam started at the top of the park on the Down Flat Down and the Down Rail, and moved down to Shotgun Down Flat and Rainbow. Some heavy tricks were getting thrown down including some greasy gaps to the flat on the Shotgun Rail by Mike Brady. A highlight on that section was Tame Dog (see the sequence) laid to bolts by Sterling Storey. Standout skiers were Alex Jordan, Jacob Shwinghammer and Dempsey Roccohi.

Tons of prizes from DC and Quiksilver made the jam pretty hype. Making the jam ever more hype was the free hot dogs.

When it came down to the money tricks there were two riders who put their tricks where their mouth was at. Daniel Gardiner dropped a big FS 270 Hard Way on the Rainbow and Blake 'Gypsy' Kurchak with a Frontside Nosepress Front 3 Out. Each of these skilled shredders walked away with a new snowboard from DC. Thanks to all the park staff for working the Jam and all the shredders for riding. The next Park Jam is.... next year.