Your Videos Are Pretty Good Rd. 1

Throughout the season we get sent links to videos that you are making in the park. Some of them aren't very good, some are pretty good, and some of them are really hype.

We decided that we would pick our favourites and get some blog posts going with them. So here are a couple of good ones...

First up is Jon Gorrell in 'Mini Edit' by Scott Fowler.

  1. Edit quality - pretty high. Scott starts it with some really well put together ambiance stuff,  scenics of trees and snow falling off trees, and the chairlift. He uses some slow mo and then speeds it up, y'know the look. After that it pans over to Jon's long locks flowing in the wind, which is a good way to introduce the rider.
  2. Riding - Jon's got steez. He filmed this edit in an hour?! Did he miss a trick? He nails everything, moving from rails to jumps. Jon skis without pools - I'm a snowboarder so I think skiing without pools is cool. I really dig the section at 00:30 where you get a few different angles of Jon sessioning the elbow with a 270 out. It's dope how Jon hits all the tough rails - gap and closeout and does it without looking fazed.
  3. Track selection - J Dilla - So Far To Go. Dope track selection. Jon shreds like he isn't in a hurry (while going pretty fast), and the track fits that. It's a nice laid back beat.

Scott has another edit with Louis Ferguson that we are going to post next time. It's hectic good. Creep his vimeo page now if you can't wait till next time.

Next up is 'A Pile in the Park' Ep. 3 by Dave Junter

  1. Edit quality - Good stationary shots and good follow cams. It actually feels like you are watching a skate video.
  2. Riding - these guys ride in jeans and sweatpants. They are rad. They have all the stock bangers but bring fresh stuff too. Airing over rails, doing fun hand plants, and they include their bails which makes it more real to watch. Respect for going out on a socked in Friday and making this edit.
  3. Track selection - Bloodstains by Agent Orange - you win!

That's it for the first round of 'Your Videos are Pretty Good'. The park is sick right now, you should go and ride it.