Your Videos Are Pretty Good Rd. 2

Throughout the season we get sent links to videos that you are making in the Grouse Park. Some of them aren't very good, some are pretty good, and some of them are really hype.

We decided that we would pick our favourites and get some blog posts going with them. Here in Round 2 we've got some good stuff. Click here to see Round 1.

First up 'New Camera' by Under Aged Films.

  1. Edit quality  - The edit is pretty good. The filmer plays with depth of field and rack focus in the opening scene but then falls back on simple pans and angles after that. Probably because he was using a New Camera ;)
  2. Riding - The edit features one of my favourite young am's to watch ride on the locals, Adrien Tongo. Adrien has tons of steez and big bag of technical tricks. In this edit he just takes the double kink apart! with Boardslide 270 out, followed by Switch Back Board 270, Halfcab 50-50 to Nose Slide Pretzel to close. When Adrien is done there aren't many tricks left to try.
  3. Track selection - Some mellow flowy beats with a flute. It is a great track and easy for us to post with the blog because we don't have to worry about ear muffing all the f-bombs.

Next up is 2.5 Hours with Louis Ferguson by Scott Fowler

  • Edit quality  - Scott's a boss for sure. He intro's his clips with shots that set the mood and matches them with the track for a complete feeling. All around good with steady follow cams. Super tight with the two angle cuts at 2:20. Check out Scott's vimeo channel.
  • Riding - Louis Ferguson brings a big bag of tricks with amplitude. I really dig the air at 0:45 and at 1:00, there is a lot of creativity in the way he hits the lip and the grab in the second air (not sure what it's called cause I'm trendy, so I snowboard). He hits the rails aggressively with tons of variations. The fact that he hammered all these tricks out in 2.5 hours is amazing and demonstrates how consistent he is with these tricks.
  • Track selection - Kendrick Lamar: Nuf said.
  • Stay tuned for more of your videos posted to the Grouse Park blog this month.