Just Can't Beat Those Sunny Days!

Were those not just the best couple of days? Sunny warm park laps through Quik Park in the AM, then venturing off on the jump line when the sun goes down to get some air under your belt. These boys were just killing it, Ryan Patterson (jump line destroyer) and Michael Hoy (too much style for his own good),  taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and I don't blame them. Andrew Bibby was there to capture the moments.

Patterson is always getting some in the park. Pole jamming for days.

Hoy has mad style, ladies watch out..

Don't touch that Ryan....

Above everything! Hoy is badass, pole jammin!

Mad stylish backlip  - Mr.Hoy

Even boy wonder himself showed up  to show these boys the fundamentals of the "nose press". Trint kills it, great style.

This guys just photos to well. Stale coy to front lip. BOSS!

All photos by Andrew Bibby