April Wanted List

As the month of April comes to an end, I would to take the time to reflect on the wicked season and prepare for the spring boarding ahead.

 Spring is a very serious time for snowboarding, lots of laughs, BBQ's, slush sessions and good times are to be had. Starting at the top left is the Burton Heritage Hunter Jacket, a perfect fit for spring. Next some Zinca sunscreen to protect your skin, and to ensure optimum sun protection is a Cabela's fleece balaclava. Good times calls for good music, next is a Skullcandy Pipe to blast some tunes and a portable charcoal BBQ by master chef to feed the party. To keep you dry are some slim chinos by Holden and to keep your soup warm, a Stanley thermos. Lastly there is nothing worse then bare hands while boarding, grab a pair of locally raised Salmon Arm mittens and enjoy the spring.