Night Session With Darrah Reid-Mclean

Night Session With Darrah Reid-Mclean

Thursday night I had the chance to go up Grouse with ThirtyTwo, Dragon and Nitro team rider Darrah Reid-McLean. It was puking snow so we spent the night hot lapping. I had the chance to ask her some questions on the chairlift, take a read below... 


How were your holidays?

Holidays were pretty average, went to the island for Christmas and worked coat check at a sketchy rave on NYE.

What have you been up too lately?

I recently decided to try to live in Van permanently so I have been job hunting and doing a whole lot of yoga mostly.

You just got back from a knee injury right? What happened? How is it feeling?

Yeah I unfortunately had my third acl tear last year, so had surgery on that and rehabbed the hell out of it all last winter.  I was feeling pretty strong and motivated coming away from that but then I broke my foot and things kind of fell apart.  Got discouraged and pretty depressed and threw all the hard work I did last year out the window... So the knee feels all right now but we'll see how it goes now that the season is underway.

I also heard you recently received your yoga teacher training certificate? How did that go?

Yeah I did!  It went well, I learned a lot.  The biggest thing I learned was probably that I have a lot more to learn though, so I'm not teaching yet but starting to think about school and classes I want to take to expand on the anatomy and psychology stuff we covered in the teacher training.  My own yoga practice has come a long way since taking the training so that's really cool I think.

How has your season been going?

I've been waiting for it to start!  Not the best winter to decide to move to Vancouver, there has been no snow!

Did you have fun up Grouse tonight?

Had a blast, that was my first time night riding at a resort in years.  Fun for sure.  Thanks for taking me!

What are your plans for the season? Are you filming for any movies?

My big plan right now is to just get healthy.  Again.  With a specific focus on my mental health right now.  I think I need to make that a priority currently.  It feels like it's been so long since I've snowboarded It's hard to make plans.  I just want to feel comfortable on my board again, get some tricks back.  I'd love to go to Utah, I'd love to go to Superpark, and I'd love to film with Danyale Patterson and those girls again but I think I need to take baby steps first.


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Thanks Darrah for your time! 

- Caley V