10 Reasons to Y2Play at Grouse Park

1. Rails - Grouse Park has more rail features than any other terrain park in Vancouver.  A total of 62 features (including 13 Green made from recycled snow making pipe) in the arsenal that the crew can use to build the different terrain parks.

2. Park Crew - The Grouse Park crew is always on the job, raking takeoffs and ensuring the park is always in great shape.

Do work.

Do work.

3. Keeping it Fresh - The Grouse Park Crew updates the park on a weekly basis. They pull features out, and put new ones in to keep it fresh, never boring, and working towards innovation in park set up.

4. The Cut Jump Line - The Grouse Park Jump Line offers the best double line in the city - the two biggest and best jumps around.

5. Park Jams - Grouse Mountain has organized 9 Park Jams so far this season and there is another scheduled for March 29th. These Jams are free to enter, open to everyone at all riding levels, and have a ton of sweet prizes.

6. Multiple Parks - Grouse Mountain has four different terrain parks offering features for all levels of riders. Right now the four parks boast 28 different features to ride.

Early season Paradise Park.

7. Spring Break - If you get your Y2Play Pass now, you can use it for the rest of Spring Break and it will be paid off. So you basically ride all of next year for free!

8. The View - You can't beat the view from the Peak of Vancouver

Can't beat the view.

9. Easy Access - Grouse Mountain is easy to get to from anywhere in the city if you drive or use transit. You can take the Skytrain, Seabus, 232 and/or 236. The Parks are open until 10pm so you can ride after school or work, whenever.

10. Fun - Good times, all the time.


- Myrosha