Grouse Park Jam - March 1st

Quiksliver Park is ready for you...But are you  ready for the Quiksilver Park?

Park Jam #9 was special for all of us; it was the first Jam of the 2013/2014 held in the Quiksilver Park. Thanks to all the snow we are getting, and hard work from the Park Crew People, the Park  was ready to go for the Jam. The Quik Park is not for the light-hearted, it boasts many 'big-boy' features such as a down-ledge and a huge flat to DFD rail. The Jam was held on the more mellow features, the down tube and down-flat tube, both of which are part of the Grouse Park 'Green-Feature Initiative'.

We will have another Park Jam in 2 weeks time, and another one in 4 weeks, which will be a Pacific Boarder special - Which means there will be grilled cheese sandwiches.

After all the hard work they put in, the Park Crew couldn't wait to hit the features

Daniel Gardiner just got back from a road trip. First thing he did when he got back? Hit up the Park Jam

As always, free stuff! Only if you threw down your hardest

There was a total of 4 filmers at the jam,  the most we've seen all year - wait, where was Andrew Santos?

A good mix of riders and skiers showed up to the jam

Golden Ticket winners Paul and Richelle Soukoreff showed up to the jam. Richelle ended up taking home a tilly hat. What's the difference between a tilly hat and a bucket hat anyways?

There was no doubt that this guy deserved the last prize with his disaster. On try 1, he completely missed the rail; he landed a good 10 feet beyond it. On try 2, he nailed it

- Kaz