Grouse Park x Pacific Boarder Park Jam

We had another Park Jam this past weekend, albeit a foggy one. Pacific Boarder hosted this one, providing the goods and grilled cheese sandwiches, while Sam Masih manned the mic as usual. Even with the thick fog riders threw down their best.

Did someone say fog?

Gotta get that #selfie in

To the top

Frosty had a day off so he decided to join in on the jam

The box, tube and down tube were open for business

The fog made it look like the park was empty

Grilled cheese and prizes courtesy of Pacific Boarder

Special delivery...Bread was running out so a quick call was made

Spreading the stoke

Grilled zeech sandwich. Good effort though

Mr Nathan Roberts...Maybe you've seen him pulling double cork 9's on the cut jumps lately?

Zac Dolesky's back from a torn ACL, he'll be shredding the park to bits in no time

Daschel attempted his first tamedog at the jam

Bro, you forgot to strap in!

Until next time!