New Years Resolution: The Cut Jump Line

Hey guys! I'm Casey :) I've been volunteering for Grouse Parks for the last few seasons, but I worked on the mountain for 5 years before that. Rentals, Lift Ops, Starbucks, Guest Services, Call Centre... the list goes on! I had to stop working at Grouse to go to school for software engineering at BCIT, and I'm now a full time Website Developer at a firm in Gastown. You can always find me lurking at the park jams with prizes and speeding around the hill as often as I can get up there. I'm really stoked to be a part of the blog this season and continue to give back to the mountain I call home!

With the epic snow we've been getting and all the parks fully stacked, the crew has been busy building the infamous Cut Jump Line. We already have one 35ft jump, but we also have a 45ft and a 55ft on the way! No approximate date yet though, gotta wait for the snow to stop burying everything. Check out some of the shots on the first jump from Josh Dooley, who was up with Grouse team rider Sam Weston, as well as Aaron Santos a few days ago. I don't know if I'll ever grow a pair big enough to hit one of these, but I can't wait to watch you crazy people get sendy!

Oh, and Happy New Years!! <3

- Crasey