Sunny Park Days

It was a good start to the week.  I'm sure the sun and slush are already starting to fade from memory, but Monday and Tuesday through the park were prime.  How prime, you ask?  I actually blew the dust and cobwebs off the ol' 148 jib stick and what was supposed to be a 1 hour lunch session turned into a 4 hour slushy park-a-palooza.  I haven't had so much fun lapping the park since the spring of 2013.  You know if I'm having fun lapping, the day is truly something special.  The highlight was getting to see PCP and WMCs very own Lt. French learning 7s off the cut jump.  Here's a couple shots of that session from Rory Thain.

If you missed out, you have my sympathies.  Hopefully we are lucky enough to get a few more of these quality days before the season is a wrap.