Capilano University: UnCapped Rail Jam Re-Cap

Try and say that title three times fast...

The Grouse Parks crew took a couple toys over to Capilano University on Thursday for the Uncapped Rail Jam, and nobody had more fun! The sun was peaking out, and it actually wasn't that cold for once. The Monster Energy drinks were flowing and the DJ was on point. Everyone got down with the free chilli and coconut curry, and that garlic bread was so damn tasty that it was gone faster than fresh tracks on The Cut. Most of all, the features and the vibes were chill AF! After 2 hours of solid shredding, the results were:


  1. Adrian Tongko (Grouse Team)
  2. Mark Bramwell (Grouse Park Crew)
  3. Sterling Storey (Grouse Team)


  1. Yukon Deleeuw
  2. Robin Paed

Despite the low-light conditions, Edwin managed to come away with some pretty sick shots! He even gave us a bonus feature: the 'Ghetto iPhone Clip Reel'. Marcus and I were also busy stacking footy on our Instagram (@grouseparks) and Snapchat (@grouse_park) stories.

Big ups to Sterling for a good laugh with that hand plant / cart wheel / steam roller / whatever that was! Also, thank you to the contestants, audience, reps, and park crews for holding it down! Until next time...

- Crasey