Jam On It

The First Park Jam of the Season is Only Here.

We don't just mean it is happening this week, we mean the first jam of the season only at the Grouse Mountain Terrain Park. So jam on it!

Where: Paradise Jib Park

Date: Friday, November 29th

Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Cost: FREE

Open To: Everyone

Park Jam #1 is Here

Don't know what the Grouse Park Jams are all about? The Jams are chance to session the park with your friends and other riders. Throw down the biggest tricks on selected features and win prizes. Not doing Switch Backside Lipslides down the Double Kink rail yet? Or don't know what a Switch Backside Lipslide is? Don't worry about it. The Park Crew will move the Jam from easier (S), to more difficult (M) and advanced (L) features. They will give everyone a chance to ride and win gear. What can you win? Fresh shoes, goggles, hoodies, stickers and more. Watch this edit from the first Park Jam of the season last year to get a feel for the vibe and we will see you tomorrow night!