Well the snow has finally started piling up after a 2 week hiatus. Over the past couple of days, I've had some of the best runs in recent memory. Late Monday morning, the Olympic Express opened after being closed on Sunday due to high winds. Myself, Colin from Alterna Films, and Derek from Rome Snowboards all met up and made sure that we were on that first chair ride up to sample that 2 feet of fresh snow. We managed to get 2 laps down the Peak without even seeing anyone else! On the third lap, the word had spread that Olympic was open. We managed to get several amazing runs down Hades before we called it a day. Our legs were pretty beat by then.

On Monday, the Paradise Jib park was also rebuilt. The park crew did an excellent job getting this done. We need a bit more snow to start building in the Quiksilver Park and Rookie Park but it is not too far off.