4th annual MGT Weekend

On January 5th and 6th, Grouse Mountain hosted the 4th annual MGT (More Good Times, Mega Gnarly Tricks) weekend. Saturday was a park clinic and Sunday featured the 2BuckChuck park contest. MGT coaches were out in full force and included Leanne Pelosi, Molly Milligan, Amanda Mourant, Joanna Majcherkiewicz, and Raewyn Reid. The weather wasn't ideal as Saturday was very windy, snowy, and low visibility. Sunday was only snowy and low visibility. This didn't put a damper on the weekend or stop the girls from having a good time though.

Sunday's 2BuckChuck saw over 30 girls turn up to duke it out for $2,222 in cash, a trip to the Abominable SnowJam at Timberline, and loads of draw prizing. The contest took place on a very snowing Paradise Park course. The course consisted of a 20' Down rail, 8' ButterBox, 16' ButterBox, 20' FlatRail, Flat Down Rail, and a Jump.

The park crew had their hands full all day trying to keep up on maintaining all the takeoffs and in-runs. All the falling snow makes speed a rare commodity, which pretty much cut the jump out of the course unfortunately. With speed being a major factor for most riders, the contest format was slightly tweaked and ended up being a 2-hour jam format. Overall impressions were added up by the judging panel, which consisted of Leanne, Molly, Amanda, and Joanna, to determine the winners.

Overall, all girls, judges, and staff had a great weekend in the snow.

For full results, photos, and video check out http://www.mgtsnowboardcamp.com/