Chris Dufficy onsite with Knowledge Network

Recently, Grouse Mountain Pro Team member, Chris Dufficy visited the resort with his entourage from the Knowledge Network. Over the past few months, the Knowledge Network have been producing a documentary on Chris' life, his amazing recovery from multiple concussions, (which would have forced the majority of athletes to retire) and how he has managed to continue peforming at the high level that he does. The special also investigates the effects of concussions and head trauma through interviews with doctors and other athletes who have sustained and survived such potentially-devastating injuries.

The day was spent riding around with Dufficy and entourage searching for some good lines in order to attain some more action and lifestyle shots for the documentary. Our initial plan was to film in the park but considering there was so much new snow and the vis was not the greatest we stuck to the back runs. Dufficy managed to find some great lines that will hopefully make the cut in the editing room. We finished the day with some interview segments on the chalet deck as the city poked in and out of the storm clouds.

Stay tuned for the air-date.

Remember kids: Be safe at whatever sport you do. You can do so by being aware of the risks involved, knowing your limitations and abilities, follow the rules and wear proper protective gear. While doing all of this, make sure you still HAVE FUN!