Numero Uno

Here we go, my first blog of the season, I'm hoping to keep my blogs updated as frequently as I can throughout the season all season long. I will be discussing any and all topics I feel will keep you interested... or not. Today as I got of the tram this morning it was pouring rain, but as I was getting closer to the peak office I began to notice the odd wet snowflake (if you can call them that), which then turned to a heavy snow fall.

YES, it is snowing up here at Grouse and sticking! Now, I'm not getting my hopes up, as the weather forecast says rain is on its way, but either way, it seems like whenever the first snow falls I still get that super excited feeling I used to get when I was wee lil' boy. I just like the way snow smells, feels and looks, I love when there is enough snow to blanket and cover all the worlds imperfections, making it a perfect winter wonderland.

With the snow on its way, I just wanted to get all you boys and girls excited and remind you that it was on Nov. 27 last season when we opened up the Paradise Jib get your gear ready and stay tuned!