Blogger Profile: VanCityAllie

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="320" caption="Photo: VanCityAllie on Flickr"]VanCityAllie on Flickr[/caption] On the topic of blogging, I thought I might start a regular feature highlighting some notable bloggers in the snow sports industry (or, rather, who write about snow sports, no matter what their day job).

One of my favourites is VanCityAllie, partly because she's local, but partly because her life stories are just super entertaining. Plus, she takes great photos, which make all the difference on a blog.

I'm impressed with what she's experienced and accomplished at such a young age:

This the blog of a 24 year-old Vancouver girl who loves and writes about everything “Vancouver” and West Coast. This is the blog of a girl who works in Vancouver's video game industry, it's also a surfing blog, snowboarding blog, Canucks blog, gadget blog, and photography blog.

You can check out all of Allie's snowboarding content or have a look at specifics like her 2008/09 Snowboard Preview or her business trip to Japan, which included a visit to the Tokyo Burton store.