Here’s to a fresh start this 08/09 season…

I just wanted to send a message out to all you Grouse Mountain rippers that the season is almost upon us, and we are trying desperately to get the jib zone on Paradise set up as soon as possible for you to enjoy. We have lots to look forward to this season, as we have added some new staff that we saw in the park often and gave us feedback last season, including a park groomer as well as a ranger. We have also built some new rails and other jibs that we hope you will enjoy, as I know the Grouse pro team, park staff and myself surely will. We are in the park daily and we ride it when we’re not working, so we try our best to keep it fun, progressive and well maintained as best we can for you to ride. If you ever are riding and have a suggestion or see something that might need some attention, don’t hesitate to approach one of us and let us know. Like I said, we are park riders too, so we want the best park to ride just as you all do. We really appreciate the constructive criticism and ideas, in fact we encourage them, as I mentioned we build the park for park riders just like you and us, but being extremely negative or straight up hateful gets nothing accomplished and is very unproductive…no matter what you want to accomplish in life.

I look forward to seeing many of you up Grouse this season having fun and enjoying all the hard work that is put into producing one of Canada’s best terrain parks.

Pray for snow. Cashen