Park Projects

grindingThis season at Grouse we have designed and built some new features for the park. We decided to keep it simple and try our best to keep it Mother Earth friendly. We were able to create our new features using roughly 80% reused or recycled material that I found either on Grouse or on the internet. chillin-with-big-boyOur biggest feature is a 40’ long, 8”diameter retired snowmaking pipe that has been raised to 9’ and will be set atop a spine as a flat bar. The other big project is a recycled pontoon trailer cut into a fat stall bar for atop our QP that will be maintained more frequently and properly with the help of our new park groomer. Also in the mix will be a variety of steel and plastic barrels, rails and random jibs.

Stay tuned for our opening date, as we are trying our best to get things open up at Grouse Mountain so all can come out and start playing on our new features.