Introducing the Grouse Park Blogospondents

chris_dufficy_scarth_photo-3It is my pleasure to introduce to the Grouse Park community our new team members: The Blogospondents. I was overwhelmed with the applications I received over the last 3 weeks; our Grouse Mountain terrain parks sure see their fair share of articulate and engaging skiers and riders. In fact, I was so impressed with the calibre of applicants that I couldn't actually narrow it down to just five.

So I changed the rules.

This group of six guys brings a really well rounded set of skills to the community. Ranging in age from 18 to 23 with both skiers and snowboarders in the mix and excellent skills in the park, creative writing, park photography and video editing, these guys are going to keep you entertained all winter.

Plus, we've now got our pro team all set up to bring you their insights as well, so click the RSS link above and subscribe today. You don't want to miss the conversation that's going to be flowing in here. Watch for the first introductions coming soon - these guys are going to tell you a little more about themselves before they launch into the world of snow sports blogging.

So now, without further delay, I bring you the Grouse Mountain Blogospondents:

  • Cam Harris
  • Charlie Grinnell
  • Daniel Jonas
  • Scott Titterington
  • Chris Jones
  • Sam Masih

Welcome to gentlemen. Make yourselves comfortable.