Oakley NightJams start tonight!

Well kids, its that time again. Tonight marks the start of another Oakley NightJams series. Our good friends from Coastal Riders will be onhand to call the action and make sure that everyone is well entertianed and walks away with loads of prizing. If you haven't done your christmas shopping yet, then come up for the event, win a prize, and wrap it up for someone on your list. This year we have more prizing than ever before! The action gets going at 7pm in the Quiksilver Park. Be prepared- It will be a very cold night! If you can't make it, check back here after the event for some post event highlights and photos.

Staying on the 'night' topic. Check out this amaizng shot that recently graced the cover of Playboard Magazine's(Germany's top mag) Photo Issue. It also made it into SNOWBOARD Magazine. This shot was taken by local photog Gonzo Tudela . His subject is Whistler rider Eric Greene. Who says you need an epic city backdrop to get a cover shot! I beleive the shot was taken some time around 2-3am during our 24 Hours of Winter Event last season.Playboard Photo Issue

Believe it or not, this is Gonzo's second cover shot from Grouse Mountain that was taken on a foggy night. This other shot is from the SBC Business Issue from a few years ago.

SBC Business Issue