Yoooo Everyone!

Yoooo Everyone!!!

Welcome to the Grouse Mountain Terrain Park Blog, my name is Charlie Grinnell and I am one of your park bloggers for this season.  Feel free to add me on Facebook or go to blue magic media on Vimeo to view some quick edits of mine.  Also if you see me on the hill truckin’ along with my cane, don’t be shy to come say hey and chat.

I’m super stoked to be one of the chosen bloggers, I have a great feeling about this season and I am excited to keep you guys entertained. I know all the other bloggers and they are super sick dudes as well so everyone should be excited cause this is gonna be fun.

I know whenever I go to a site and I see a lot of writing, I am not too stoked to have to read it all to understand and get the good stuff (ironic how I have a huge write-up)… SO!!!! I will be doing only a little bit of writing in my blogs (with the exception of this one), and they will be largely photo and video based. I think that will give everyone a better idea of what’s going on and videos are fun.

I plan to cover all sorts of topics, we will have interviews, new videos that I think are sick, music stuff, coverage of Grouse Mountain contests and events and everything in between.

[caption id="attachment_248" align="alignnone" width="433" caption="New Grouse Mountain Pro Team rider Spencer Watson ladies and gentlemen"]New Grouse Mountain Pro Team rider Spencer Watson ladies and gentlemen[/caption]

First of all I would like to throw a shout-out to a good friend of mine named Spencer Watson. He is the newest member of the Grouse Mountain Pro Team.  Congrats boyyyyy!!!!!! You have probably seen him on at one point or another on the mountain, the dude always has a smile on his face and although he lives in Whistler now, he will be around as much as he can.

There won’t be a video in this update as I just made 4 edits in the last 2 days and posted them on vimeo.com or in the Grouse Mountain Terrain Parks Facebook Page…. In my next update there will be an edit from the first Oakley Night Jam of the season, so look for that.

Stay golden ponyboy, stay golden