Hi, I'm CJ...

Hey, whats up? My name is Chris but most people call me CJ. I'm the old guy on the blog team, but I still try to shred like the youngins. I'm a 23 year old commerce student at the University of Victoria. The next 8 months of my life are school free so I'm super pumped and will be be shredding as much as possible. Gettin gnar on the hip a few seasons ago

I've been a skier since I was 6 months old when my parents tossed me in their backpack and skinned up Mt Garabaldi for some spring turns. I grew up racing on the local Vancouver mountains and turned to park skiing when I was 13. After high school I moved to Whistler and tried my luck at going pro. Instead, I injured myself… repeatedly. So university was the next logical step.

This season I’m super pumped to be blogging for Grouse Mountain. I’ve got a ton of wicked ideas and I need you guys out there to help me make them happen. You can add me on facebook or newschoolers.com.

540 on the hip

I plan on posting a few shots, a couple of words, and possibly a video from each time I head up Grouse Mountain this season. I'm always stoked on meeting new people so feel free to say hi (I'm the guy with a little camera, rocking blue pants and a black puffy jacket). We can ride around, get some shots and I'll throw it up on the internet and make you famous!

Hope to see you all up on the hill this season charging in the park or slashing some pow!