Music makes you lose control!

Aloha Everyone!

Coming at you today with some cool music ideas for all those park riders out there. Just on a side note: I am currently editing a video of the Oakley Night Jam from December 19th, 2008. I will post it on the blog at some point soon when it is finished. I also have some photos that I took that will go along with the video. Meanwhile back to the music…

The first artist is named Ronald Jenkees, he is a keyboard player/music producer from the southern USA. He has his own Ronald Jenkees channel on YouTube and a website at This dude is makes super sick beats and his commentary is hilarious.

The second artist is a good friend of mine, her name is Laura Wolfe, I met her while I was attending UBC this past fall. Her style is super cool and relaxing and she uses sick beats. I will probably be using some of her stuff for some of the edits I will be making this season. Here's her Laura Wolfe MySpace page.

Here are some photos from the Dec. 19th 08 Oakley Night Jam…

[caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Park Crew Member James Anderson and Blogger Sam Masih Coastal Riders staff judging the Oakley Night Jam Cam Harris on the 20 foot box"]Park Crew Member James Anderson and Blogger Sam Masih[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_379" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Cam Harris 180 over the bump"]Cam Harris 180 over the bump[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_380" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Local boarders lapping the Quiksilver ParkShout-out to Alice Gorton being the only lady to participate in the Oakley Night Jam (Dec 19th/08)"]Local boarders lapping the Quiksilver Park[/caption]

Sorry that I don’t have many photos because I was busy filming for the edit that will be up soon if you check back on the blog.

Catch you on the flipside,