Hello from Scott!

OH HEY! So i found ten minutes in my day!  And well its time to write my first entry...  So as a few may know already, my name is Scott Titterington, I am a 19 year old, and I like to ski, photograph and party (order may vary due to season).   You may see me walking around with my camera in my hand alot of the time, or maybe on my two sticks I like to play around on.  Either or come up and say Hello. With all this snow falling on the city, I am not getting alot of free time due to urban shoots, and Christmas portraits.  I still havent done my Christmas shopping!  Last night was we found some time to get the original gang together and all went out to have some fun in the city.  Turned up with this one:


If you dont already know this kid (Liam Casey) go give him a high five.  Dont ask me how he does stuff like this, but he usually says if he has seen it before, he knows its possible.  This year I will be doing alot of shooting around Grouse Mountain, so if you see me around, come tap me on the shoulder, or even just come up and introduce yourself if i already dont know you.

Anyways I gotta get back to my regular schedule for this week, and will most likely see you up at Grouse Mountain. 

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Scott Titterington