Some good news and some bad news

What’s crack-a-lackin, I hope everyone’s holidays are going well, I have been having so much fun and this massive snowfall in the city and on Grouse Mountain is great.  Ok so I have some good and bad news and just news as well, so I’m going to tell you in this order, it’s going to go bad news, news then good news.   

Bad news: Scott Titterington and Myself were in an undisclosed location shooting an urban rail with a friend of ours named Liam Casey (PS like everyone has said, remember this name… MARK MY WORDS: HE WILL BLOW UP!).  It was pouring rain and the LCD screen on my camera suffered some water damage.  I have now had to send the camera away to Canon and they said I would have it back in 4-6 weeks.  DANG!

News: I am going to Future Shop tomorrow and I am going to push a hard bargain to see if I can get a loner camera to keep shooting, hopefully my law school tactics pay off (fingers crossed)…..

Good News: Since I am smart and thought ahead I have some videos to keep you entertained, while my camera is in the shop.  I have been making some headway with and I should be able to post up some videos that have been done for a while now, soon.  

Note: I did get some footage from the waterpark of an urban setup we had goin on, but since my camera is gone now I cannot import and edit it, sorry this kinda got messy.  I will post again tomorrow letting y’all know how the mission at Future Shop went and we will go from there…

Happy leftover eating,