Boards, Boards, Boards.

img_0521I've been told to stay off the hill just a couple more days, so today I figured I'd go look at getting a new board.  I've been thinking about this for a while now and had settled on getting something with Banana or Rocker Tech.  Due to the mad Christmas rush, EVERYTHING is gone.  I had a list in prioritized order.  Here's what's going on on the local scene.  I called reps, distributors, company headquarters, stores, everything.  Here's some info you, if you looking into any of these boards.

Capita Horrorscope FK

Good luck finding this one.  Your best bet is going online and even those are selling out fast.  I found the 148 at The Source.  Only 5% tax, on sale and free shipping. Win win! There are a few other online stores with the 152's and 156's.  Take a look.  Your best bet would be to find a friend who lives in Washington, get the free shipping and then drive down to pick it up. So go ride Baker and get a few numbers!  If you can wait, Pacific Boarder will have some more coming in January, at the earliest.  You can go in and see if they can hold one for you, or call and ask to speak to one of the managers.

Rome Artifact 1985

I shouldn't be sharing these secrets with you because this is the board I want, but I'm a nice guy.  Pacific Boarder has this one in a 153 and a 156.  The price has been knocked down to $459.99+tax for Boxing Week.  Go out and have a look.  If you're looking for the smaller 147's and 150's, once again, check The Source, they've got them for $450.

Lib Tech Skate Banana or Box Scratcher

The Skate Banana is nowhere to be found, but after some phone calls, I found out that the Boardroom in North Vancouver has a 152 sitting around.  They pulled it out of the back when I called.  It's gonna go fast, so if this is the one you're looking form hurry over, or call dibs over the phone.

The Box Scratcher was MIA at all the places I called and went to, but staff at the Boardroom assured me they'd be getting more in soon.  If you're willing to buy this deck used, there's a guy selling it on craigslist for $400.  He's never used it, so it might be worth checking out.

Also, none of the Lib Tech stock is on sale.  They're the money makers this year!

Nitro Sub Pop

Comor has a few of these at various locations around Vancouver.  The one on West 4th had one left in a 154.  They've got it marked down to $399.99, making it one of the cheaper Rocker boards out there.

K2 World Wide Weapon Rocker

If you can stand the glaringly bright top sheet, then Comor also has this baby stocked.  Like the Sup Pop, there's only one left at the West 4th location in a 154.  I'd assume the other locations are left with slim pickins too.  The tag on this one reads the same as the Sub Pop.

Stepchild Jib

One word. Coastal Riders.  Okay, so two words.  This is the only rocker Coastal has left.  They're gonna go pretty quick, so I'd pay a quick visit to their shop or warehouse to check them out.

If you're wondering what I picked up, my answer is nothing.  As marked down as these boards are, it's still too much for a poor student like me to afford.  However, I am accepting donations in the form of monetary value or information on where I can get the Artifact 1985 for cheaper!

On a happier note, I'm heading off to Whistler for a few days, so be sure to check back over the next couple days for some fantastic pictures and words about how tricks are up there.

Also, for all you girls out there, don't forget about the MGT Snowboards camps running on Grouse Mountain on January 3rd and 4th.  There's still spots left and it's going to be good times.  It's even in the name! (More Good Times, if you were wondering.)

Keep it real,