Hey Guys!

Hey fellas, an update from Scotty has finally arrived.  As well just like Charlie's update I got some good news and bad news.  So to start the drumroll, ill start with the bad.  So the bad is, theres no new photographs from myself.  Work during the day plus night riding with no park doesnt always make the correct light graphing.  So now the good news! The quicksilver park will be bumpin real soon!  The tables are in the process of being formed, and I got an update yesterday saying that one had been open, and two more are in the process, if they are not already complete by today.  Havent talked to Shaw today, and due to standby issues with the tram, and no brakes in my car, today wont be the day to go check it out.  On Monday night with the big park closed I decided to take a gander through the rookie park with a few friends.  While shredding thru i get a phone call from another friend telling me to come hook up with them along Olympic.  While cruisin beyond, we meet up with the new gang very quickly at the bottom.  As we proceeded to ride the chairlift up we got the word that side hits are just poppin. I decide to give it a shot.  Within a single run, there was at least 15 of us boys and girls shredding thru.  Including old legend Taylor Jones, back up from his gnar back problems, and whatever knee rubbish he had just been through.  3/4 of the crew started flippin all directions over these tiny bumps, i surely witnessed an improvement from a few locals, and gave em all props.  With Taylors two and a half year rehab period, he was back the same place he left off.

So with that in mind, take a step out of your regular day, and go try something new!  We got some snow falling real soon, so go play!  The Park should be back up, if not running already, so stay tuned.