Christmas Holiday at Grouse Mountain

Hey everyone, haven't been able to post an update in a while to do the hectic holidays. I have ridden quite a bit through these holidays, but not quite as much I would have liked due to how busy Grouse gets during this time of year. Some highlights were Dec 24, Christmas eve, Grouse got DUMPED on and no one could make it to the hill (Thanks for driving Jay) so this resulted in an epic pow day full of drop, lines, pillows and hit run laps all day long. No pictures to show for it because it was just too good.

Lots of night riding has been had, once again to avoid the holiday line ups on CUT and OLYMPIC. Park has been pretty non existant due to the large amounts of snow falling, which buries already standing features, and makes the already buried features long gone... time to go probing.

As Scott mentioned, we got alot of our friends out for some good times on Monday night. Snow was soft, skies were clear, and no lineups. Hit run laps all night!!

The park is slowly making progress, Shaw has been in the cat as much as he can pushing snow and decking rails, one jump is up, and a couple more should be on the way. With lots of snow in the forecast, the park should be bangin in the next couple weeks.

With the snow in the city, and in our own yards, some of you may have been hard at work shoveling driveways or making your very own parks in your yard or both!

My brother Nathan and I have been hard at work buildin our extensive snow mini ramp when we arent riding at Grouse Mountain. Our setup has been a drop in to hip into the mini ramp with a roller in the middle. Also have a drop into 2 options: Flatbar or hip. Also have a six pack of jumps down the side of our house. Its pretty sick and learning to ride these tight transitions help in all sorts of situations.

[caption id="attachment_556" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Ramp"]backyard-terrain-park[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_557" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Drop in to the hip into the mini ramp is to the left out of the picture"]Drop in to the hip into the mini ramp is to the left out of the picture[/caption]

The new year arrived with a bang! I decided to throw a party for all my friends to come enjoy. Some of the infamous GROUSE PARK CREW came to party. Near the end some people decided to jump into the freezing cold pool... I also just saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I liked it. You should go see it.