Late Release Capita HORRORSCOPE Flat Kick

The Horrorscope is Capita's reverse camber/rocker board for this year. It was a mid season release so these boards were shipped even later than the already late Capita line to stores. These were a very limited run as only 500 were made. I managed to snag one of the first ones without having to pay! Props to Capita for their handling the warrantee on last years Capita Stairmaster, which some of you may or may not know that they had problems with using the wrong epoxy and delaminating topsheets were used as ice breakers around the world. Now, to get started, I would classify myself as an above average(not professional by any means) rider. I have ridden all sorts of terrain including groomers, park, deep pow, choppy crud, slush, rocks and hit runs at both Grouse Mountain and Whistler Blackcomb. I have taken it off 20+ foot cliffs and a couple park jumps, but that is because of the lack of tables in the early season, but with the coming jump lines being finalized the horrorscope will soon see its fair share of jumps.

I am riding Union Forces and Vans dk5 boots with this board.

The first thing I would like to say is that Capita's rocker/reverse camber technology is called FLAT KICK technology where there is zero camber (flat) between the inserts, and then kicks up, much like a skateboard.


I found the Horrorscope to ride true to its size or even a little smaller. One issue that has risen with all reverse camber boards, is its ability to hold an edge.

What camber does is it allows you to 'pop' out of your carves, and it applies pressure to hold an edge. with reverse camber there is no pressure on the edge, becuase when you stand on a regular camber board, it pushes flat and when you step off, it returns to its original position. This is what gives you 'pop' out of your carve. Libtech's solution to this was magnatraction which give the edge seven edges instead of one.

I found the horrorscope to hold an edge quite well, but definately noticed that it was not as good as regular camber boards. I find myself washing out but not enough to deter me from wanting to ride the board. It is something you get used to over time.

Regular camber also gives a board its pop, using the same principle when you apply pressure to the board, when you let go it will want to return to its original position, the faster/more powerful it does this, the more pop it has. Now, this board has ALOT of pop, I find it very very fun, and can load the tail or nose and (n)ollie to the moon. Love this board.

[caption id="attachment_605" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="grab TINDY!"]grab-tindy[/caption]

The flex of this board is very similar to that of a stairmaster. The reason it rides like a really soft board is because of the flat kick. The flat kick turns the board in a very soft board, pressing it is like cheating.

Took it into the pow a whole bunch when it was dumping that week before Christmas. The board is soft, but it handles the pow all right. The flat kick lets the board float with ease, but felt really squirrely goin fast in choppy conditions. I would not want this for a pow specific board at all, it can ride pow for sure, but is a tad soft. It is fine if you want to ride some pow on the side if you are not way past the weight range. I'm 13olbs and on a 148, so for me, it rides like a regular sized snowboard, not a jib board.

 This is a pure park/jib board but is still tons of fun when you take it out. It destroys rails, jibs, bonks, ledges, walls, and bamboo poles.

Another thing I would like to add is the skate style influence this board has on the rider. With the flat kicks, it is very easy to loop out and landing on the "trucks"/inserts is a must or you will be on your ass alot.

This is a very fun board and will be a jib board for many people because of its soft flex similar to that of a k2 www, rome artifact or ride kink. Good luck finding some, refer to Sam's Boards, Boards, Boards! post if you are still looking for one. From what I have heard, the 48 and 56's sold out in a heartbeat.


I love this board, its a great fit for me because I am a small guy, and this board I can take anywhere. For others, pure jib/park specific. This is a very fun, playful and forgiving board. Great for playing around on, not so great for pow or bumps.

Next review will be for the Bataleon Airobic and TRIPLE BASE TECHNOLOGY! YEAH FOR IT!

Shout out to grouse local Rodrigo Caula and his fast expanding company: Choice Clothing; get them quick! they are selling out fast!


Another note to add is a friend of mine, Matt Munn from Alberta is putting out webisodes of his snowboarding antics where ever he goes. Check it out, MEAT MAGIC!! check it out!! lots of sick sick riding.

-Dan Jonas